G.J. EDGELL (1), N.J. BRIGHT and M. HEATH (1)(1) CERAM Building Technology

This paper reviews the experimental work and compares the calculated masonry strengths using Eurocode 6 with experimentally determined values. The review is taken into account in formulating the U.K. National position at CEN TC250/SC 6 and for any interim amendments to BS 5628. As the CEN Test Method for the Compressive Strength of Masonry Units, EN 772-1 has been finalised, a number of programmes of testing have been carried out in the UK to add to the established test results for a wide range of U.K. Masonry Units. These data have been used to develop the formulae approach in DD ENV 1996-1-1 (Eurocode 6) for the calculation of characteristic compressive strength of masonry for UK masonry units and the subject for the review.