1. BERRAIS(1) and T. HANCOX(2)

(1) Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Bolton, BL3 5AB, UK, ab9@bolton.ac.uk

(2) Undergraduate Student, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Bolton, BL3 5AB, UK,




The paper assesses the structural performance of residential masonry dwellings subjected to seismic forces in Haiti. It identifies proactive design methods that can be implemented to achieve seismically resilient masonry designs to Eurocode 8 and satisfy static conditions to Eurocode 6. The proactive design methods have been achieved by combining Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software AmQuake and leading research conducted upon the response of masonry structures subject to seismic loading. The paper presents a series of flow charts that can be used in conjunction with the FEA software to help improve design efficiency of masonry structures for both new builds and existing structures that may require further strengthening based on in-situ analysis.

The flow charts have been developed by conducting an analytical case study on two masonry structures of the same geometric and seismic parameters. Structure 1; non-reinforced masonry structure and Structure 2; reinforced shear wall structure. The FEA software, AmQuake [1] has been used to assess the performance of both structures subjected to the same seismic forces. The appraisal of the results has highlighted the significant benefit of designing and implementing a shear wall system in a masonry structure. The analysis also highlighted the difference between localized and global failures and how the development of proactive design flowcharts can facilitate in improving existing masonry structures and aiding the design of new masonry buildings to ensure that structural performance is improved during seismic loading.

A viable proactive as opposed to reactive design flow chart system has been proposed for two scenarios; existing masonry structures and new masonry structures. The paper will conclude by highlighting the benefits of implementing effective seismic designs and adopting FEA analysis software into the design and appraisal of masonry structures in Haiti.


KEYWORDS: Seismic, masonry, Eurocode 8, Eurocode 6, AmQuake, flow chart.