KHALED M. SAKR Zagazig University, Cairo, Egypt
VERNON V. NEIS University of Saskatchewan

A new analysis technique for unreinforced masonry cavity walls is used to show the effects of tie shear stiffness and cavity width on the ultimate load capacity. The analysis technique was developed and described in earlier papers. It is simple to apply, requiring only minimal data input and modest computer hardware. The method was implemented on an electronic spreadsheet and results were found to be in good agreement with some experimental data. In this paper, the analysis technique is used to determine the ultimate loads of cavity walls subjected to a vertical eccentric in-plane load. The variables are: load eccentricity ratio (e/t=l/6 and 1/3); cavity width (Cw=50mm and 150mm); and the shear stiffness of the tie (VAly/kdty ranging from 1 to 4kN/mm). The results are plotted in a chart ofFui against V,;, /A,,,. It is concluded that the ultimate load of a masonry cavity wall increases by increasing the tie shear stiffness and cavity width. Finally, a larger parametric study is suggested for the future which may lead to empirical formulae for the determination of the ultimate load of a masonry cavity wall.