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Historically, ice-houses have used different construction techniques in various regions. The precise construction methods depended on a range of factors including local conditions at the building site particularly the climatic conditions and the type of ground, and the Architect would develop his design for that particular ice-house. Indeed, one may understand the techniques of particular “ancient” Architects by studying their techniques of building traditional ice-houses. With developments in science and building construction techniques, however, traditional methods are gradually forgotten. Studies into construction techniques of ancient buildings, will enable society to safeguard and preserve traditional techniques for subsequent generations. Knowledge and experience of local Architects in past centuries has been influential in the building of traditional ice-houses and much research has examined the history, structure, and other elements of ice-houses in different cities. The present study will examine various techniques of ancient Persian ice-houses and offer comparisons of the techniques for the first time. Literature searches, field studies and interviews with local master builders have been employed in Eastern and South-Eastern cities of Iran in this survey. All these techniques have been adapted for analysis and modelling. The current research examines and compares various techniques of building of traditional ice‑houses and how effective various factors have been. It was concluded through the study that the knowledge and experience of Architects is an effective technique for the building of ice-houses both today and in the past, including the construction and design of ice-house domes, adobe arrangement (bonds), and ensuring the stability of ice‑houses by different techniques.


Keywords: Traditional ice-houses, ice-house built, built technology, local architecture.