1. J. HEATH, E. F. GAD and J. L. WILSON

Faculty of Science and Engineering Technology, Swinburne University of Technology,

Melbourne, Victoria, 3122, Australia




Cosmetic cracking in masonry subjected to racking is expensive to investigate experimentally and numerical modelling is frequently adopted as a suitable compromise. This paper initially reviews finite element macro and micro modelling strategies used to analyse masonry structures. Two innovative macros developed in ANSYS are discussed; the first provides automated mesh generation for an unreinforced masonry wall and the second solves for crack propagation under racking load. The model is calibrated against experimental studies, examining the crack pattern and crack width versus drift relationship. A parametric study is presented which investigates the importance of wall geometry on the damage-drift relationship.


KEYWORDS: masonry, veneer walls, crack, racking simulation, finite element, ANSYS.