Ove Arup & Partners, Helifix Ltd

There are many analysis techniques available to determine the load carrying capabilities of masonry arch bridges. In recent years there has been a need to increase the load carrying capacity of many bridges using various strengthening methods. This has required the development of analysis methods that are able to predict the effect of the strengthening techniques used on the overall arch behaviour. This paper presents an analysis technique developed for this purpose which has allowed the improvement in the structural response of the arch after strengthening to be quantified. The work described in this paper considers Helifix Ltd’s Helibeam reinforcement system which has been developed for the purpose of strengthening masonry arch bridges. This system has some similarities to reinforcement techniques previously described by other researchers as “near-surface reinforcement” [1]. The analysis work conducted to assess the system has used the finite element software LS-DYNA and has been verified by a number of full-scale tests. Details and results from these tests are also presented.