T. L. KNIGHT The Brick Development Association

The choice of brickwork, as a structural, space dividing, enclosing and weather protective building material depends on an assessment of its strength and stability, durability, initial costs, costs-in-use and appearance. The relative importance of these factors varies from one project to another and the consideration of appearance is often dominant. Some aspects of appearance are important to most people whether or not it is overtly recognised and admitted and yet it is a quality which is at best difficult and often impossible to quantify or even describe.
This paper examines those aspects of the appearance of brickwork which are affected by workmanship, which it defines as the skill, care and attention exercised by those charged with the supervision and execution of building operations including the handling, storage, protection and assembly of bricks, mortar and associated components.
The paper is in three parts, each of which appears under the appropriate section of these proceedings.