LANDINI, F.S. (1); ZAGO, C.S. (2); MORENO JR., A.L. (3)

(1) Former Graduate Student – Structures – School of Civil Engineering (FEC – State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) –

(2) Graduate Student – Structures – FEC – UNICAMP –

(3) Tenured Professor – FEC – UNICAMP –



This study presents a theoretical-experimental evaluation of the behavior of reinforced masonry beams consisting of concrete blocks subjected to flexure and shear. Four beams were evaluated in the laboratory. Two of the beams were designed to fail in flexure such that the longitudinal flexural reinforcement yielded resulting in failure of the beam, while with the other two, reinforcement was included to induce a shear type of failure. Finally, a comparison between the experimental results and those predicted according to the standard procedures of Alvenaria Estrutural – Blocos de concreto – Parte 1: Projeto (Structural Masonry – Concrete Blocks – Part 1: Design) and ACI 530-05:2007 (Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures) was undertaken.


KEYWORDS: reinforced masonry beams, concrete blocks, masonry flexural strength, masonry shear strength.