R. S. NARAYANAN S. B. Tietz & Partners
J. MORTON Brick Development Association

The Brick Development Association commissioned S. B. Tietz & Partners to conduct a parametric design study of a 10-storey building. Using EC6 and BS 5628 the study compared designs for three wall systems — an internal and an external 215 mm brick wall and a traditional external cavity wall. Two floor spans and three different levels of wind loads were used. The wind toad was applied as an axial ‘wind stress’, varied with height based on the accepted method of design for cantilever shear walls.
The results show the effects, on the required strength of the masonry units, required of different levels of workmanship, wall thicknesses and load levels and the effect of using different relationships relating the unit strength of the brick and the characteristic strength of the masonry. It highlighted important areas requiring change and the effect of such changes on the material specifications required.