1) Geoff Edgell, Lucideon UK,


The establishment of TC125 in order to produce European Standards for Masonry Products meant that, as these were to be performance based, a series of supporting test methods were required. A working group structure was established to produce the Standards for masonry units, mortars for masonry, rendering and plastering and ancillary components. A further working group (WG4) was formed to provide, through a Task Group structure, the test methods. In addition, WG4 responded to requests from the Eurocode Committee (TC250/SC6) for test methods for assemblages of masonry. The paper explains how the Standards were produced and provides the background to some of the more controversial issues. In particular the development of the test methods for the compressive strength of masonry and masonry units and the introduction of normalised compressive strength of units, shape factors and the progress towards a single test method for each property will be discussed. The approach to testing for the adhesion of masonry units and mortars will be described. The most difficult test upon which to get international agreement has been the test for the freeze thaw resistance of clay masonry units to be used in unprotected masonry. The latest position will be explained. In the 25 years fifty test methods have been published and none have failed at the formal vote stage. Some have successfully been through two five year reviews and although generally fit for purpose, more and broader experience is exposing shortcomings and some conflicts with the introduction of the Construction Products Regulation. Some of the important issues will be considered.


Keywords: standards, compressive strength, shape, adhesion, freeze-thaw