About the IMS

Building constructed using AAC

Founded in 1986, The International Masonry Society has a membership from throughout the world and an international reputation in the field of masonry literature, the dissemination of research and current thinking, as well as the organising of meetings, seminars and symposia. The Society presents an unrivalled opportunity for members to remain current in all masonry fields.


The International Masonry Society was originally founded in the United Kingdom, with the British Ceramic Research Association and “Timber” West as focal points, but quickly grew to encompass all masonry materials and interests, firstly within the UK and then internationally. There are currently members in 31 countries, including those from Africa, Asia, Europe, both North and South America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


The objectives of the International Masonry Society are to promote discussion and advancement of the science and practice of masonry as allied to its constituent materials, and to all aspects of the design and use of masonry and the construction process. It additionally aims to provide a means of contact for all those involved in masonry science, design and industry, generating published papers having an international circulation. In pursuing its objectives, the Society publishes the journal Masonry International.

Current function and operation.

The International Masonry Society acts as a focus for all masonry matters, and in particular for learned discussion and the interchange of technology and engineering matters. The Society provides for the dissemination of research information relating to all aspects of masonry in construction. It provides a pivot for all those involved in, or interested in, masonry as a material and constructional form. The Society maintains an active interest and involvement internationally in all masonry matters in these countries.

Membership and management

The activities of the Society are managed by a Council of members of the Society, elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Society is constituted of personal and corporate members. Personal membership is open to construction professionals covering all areas of related activity, and from manufacturers, engineers and scientists, educationalists and researchers. Graduates and students of the construction industry professions and other related activities are also welcomed into membership. Corporate membership is open to manufacturers and suppliers of masonry materials and ancillary components, manufacturers’ associations and research contractors. It also provides membership for professional practices, builders and contractors, local authorities, Government Agencies and educational establishments.

Society By-Laws and Constitution

The IMS is governed by a series of by-laws and our constitution.

Masonry International

The Society journal, Masonry International, is published three times a year, with each issue containing original experimental and analytical research papers, together with reviews and practical papers, including case studies. Each paper is rigorously refereed by international experts in their particular fields, which ensures that the journal archive represents an authoritative and valuable resource – a leading source of masonry data available to all members. Members are able to access all of the past journals via the Society website, and download papers free of charge.

Meetings, seminars and conferences

The International Masonry Society organises and runs technical meetings of all types. They may cover a topic of particular current interest, for example a major legislative, regulatory or standardisation change, or be based around the presentation and discussion of original work. Major international conferences are also hosted, including the prestigious International Masonry Conference, of which a number have been held in London. Members have participated in, and contributed to seminars and symposia in a number of diverse venues.

Designatory letters

Members may apply for the right to append the designatory letters MIMS (Member) or FIMS (Fellow) to their name. Approval is granted on the basis of experience and qualifications. Details are available on the Society website www.masonry.org.uk

The benefits of membership

Members receive the Journal of the Society, which means that they are able to stay abreast of the latest trends in masonry research, manufacture and standardisation. Members have the opportunity to meet other members and discuss the latest trends and innovations in masonry and to participate in seminars and symposia. The members section of the website provides access to all past journal and conference papers published by the Society, and to other valuable masonry-oriented information. Society members are able to attend the annual general meeting, together with any other functions.

Joining the International Masonry Society

To join the Society, please register as a member online, or contact the Secretary, Mr P.E.Wood
Tel: +44 1782 279051
Fax:  +44 1782 215354
email: admin@masonry.org.uk